Solomon Islands – Untold Bravery

Set to be Broadcast on Solomon Islands Telekom TV. Directed by Tessa Fox. Edited by Mark Power.

“The Coastwatchers saved Guadalcanal, and Guadalcanal saved the Pacific” – United States Admiral of the Fleet, William F. Halsey.

As Japan aimed to dominate Asia and the Pacific in World War Two, Solomon Islanders served alongside the Allied forces. Their objectives were to prevent the Japanese severing of communication between US, Australia and New Zealand and also ensure Australia wasn’t cut off from aid or invaded. Without the Solomon Islander assistance, The Allied forces would not have been successful. Under the instruction of the Royal Australian Navy and Australian command, the Solomon Islander Coastwatchers were formed, providing observation and alerts of enemy ships and planes. The Solomon Islanders knew their land and were quick and able through the dense jungle, allowing them to run messages and ensure the provision of supplies.

After such a large involvement and sacrifice in the war, the Solomon Islander’s faced little recognition. Their story is a neglected tale. August 2017 marks the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal. The Allied victory of this battle, aided by the Solomon Islanders, was the first step leading to Japanese surrender, turning the tide of the war in the Pacific. Untold Bravery captures the heroic efforts and legacy of WW2 Solomon Islander Coastwatchers and Scouts and preserves the story for public knowledge now and into the future.

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