About Us

At Aid Worthy we enable stakeholders to see for themselves the impact of worthwhile projects.

We are diverse. Mark Power founded Aid Worthy to demonstrate how aid organisations and charitable enterprises make a difference. His team have been researching important projects about social change since 2009. Aid Worthy staff have diverse skills in: economics, public health, international development, social enterprise, government, cinematography, film production, editing, and research.

We work hard. Our staff have studied some of the most innovative organisations and have documented over 26 projects with: The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Volunteers International, Diabetes Queensland, University of Queensland, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, City of Melbourne, and Youth Challenge International.

We illustrate. In our experience a lot of people don’t understand aid projects or the work of charities. Our response is to conduct research and evaluate projects in a more engaging way so that people have more confidence when assessing worthwhile projects. For more precise analysis of impact, we can equate a project’s social return on investment, which tells you how much social benefit will be returned for every dollar invested.

Our Work

Aid Worthy communicates the story of any worthwhile project so that they can be seen, celebrated and funded. We demonstrate impact for every project, which enables people to see exactly what is happening. We understand that better engagement is the key to improved outcomes, which is why we want to get closer partnerships with the communities that organisations serve.